We take responsibility


Sustainable engagement does not only mean environmental and social responsibility. Understood correctly, it enables economic progress, the development of new markets as well as the ­constant improvement of our products. Our actions are geared toward responsibly dealing with natural resources along our entire value chain.

As a manufacturer of personal hygiene products and household cleaners, we therefore commit ourselves to the three Ps (People, Profit, Planet) in the sense of the VCI initiative »Responsible Care«, to ensure the protection of the environment, health and personal data as well as the safety of employees and fellow citizens on a permanent basis.




We take various measures to protect the environment. After all, we only have one planet and we want to do our part to protect it.

  • RSPO certification
  • Sustainable product concepts, formulations and packaging solutions
  • Energy and water management
  • Constantly growing our sustainable purchasing volume. Here, sustainability refers to purchasing packaging materials from renewable raw materials, or using recycled materials or other environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Regular recording and optimisation of environmentally relevant key figures (electricity, gas, water, waste disposal)
  • Cooperation with qualified, certified disposal companies
  • Cooperation with environmentally certified freight forwarders
  • Constant improvement of logistical processes (fewer individual deliveries combined with reduced CO2 emissions)



New possibilities for more environmentally friendly ingredients are ­proactively incorporated into our development and production ­processes. Our customers’ requirements and specifications regarding formulas and ingredients can, of course, be taken into account and the formulations can be individually adapted.

Further development of proven formulations:
Cosmetic and cleaning products enter the environment after use. Wherever possible, we do not use microplastic or ­synthetic polymers in our cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Our products have been almost completely free of micro­plastics since 2015 and are constantly being reviewed for opportunities to avoid synthetic polymers.

Use of sustainable and renewable raw materials:
New opportunities for more environmentally friendly ingredients are continuously incorporated into our developments. This includes the use of sustainably produced palm oil/palm kernel oil. We have been a certified member of the RSPO initiative since 2017. We source our palm oil/palm kernel oil in accordance with the mass balance model.



As part of our full-service offer, we support our customers with ­state-of-the-art solutions. In terms of sustainability, new materials and packaging innovations as well as proven alternatives are at the core of our focus.

Use of recycled materials:
» PCR material (Post Consumer Recycling), e. g. PET, HDPE

Material savings for resource conservation, such as:
» Reducing the wall thickness of tubes
» Thin-walled bottles, single-walled jars
» Low or smaller caps
» Screw caps instead of hinged caps
» Shoulderless tubes

Plastic savings through use of alternative materials (»natural fillers«), such as:
» Chalk for laminate and PE tubes
» Grass for folding boxes/cardboard packaging
» Shells of sunflower seeds for jars
» Stone for labels

Sustainably produced packaging, such as:
» Folding boxes/cardboard packaging made of FSC-certified material



Factors that influence the improved recyclability of packagings

  • The use of mono-materials (PET bottles, PE bottles, PE tubes, PP bottles, glass bottles, glass jars), no multi-layer and composite materials, a minimal use of barrier substances, additives, plasticisers and dyes
  • The use of main packaging fraction materials (PP, PE, PET) as there are no recycling systems for rare materials
  • The use of homogeneous materials in one product, avoidance of problematic material combinations (e.g. plastic and paper)
  • Easy ability to separate different packaging materials (e.g. packaging and label)
  • The use of light or transparent colours without additives (e.g. pearl/metallic effect), no dark or black coloured components, no opaque PET packaging
  • Only one colour for all packaging components, if possible (cap, bottle)
  • Avoidance of unnecessary packaging (e.g. folding boxes)
  • No decorations which hide the substrate (direct printing, full-surface metallisation), no metallisation on tubes, caps, folding boxes, labels
  • No full surface laminated grades of paper
  • Avoidance of large labels or sleeves which cover more than 50% of the packaging
  • Nearly residue-free emptying of the packaging (remnants of the product influence recycling)



Energy Management

Climate-neutral gas heating and power station:
We rely on a sustainable energy supply in the form of a natural gas cogeneration unit for electricity and heat production. The heat generated by power generation is used to heat and generate hot water. Excess power is fed into the urban grid. We source climate gas for electricity generation, meaning that our provider helps support various climate projects with our contribution.

LED lighting:
Significant reduction of the energy demand by changing the lighting in the production and storage area. Employees ­benefit from the improved lighting quality and better workplace lighting.

Water Quality Management

Production water treatment:
The quality of our production water is particularly important to us to ensure the quality requirements of our products. We only use water treated by means of a reverse osmosis system for our mixtures. Ion exchangers, activated charcoal filters and UV irradiation in the plant are used for demineralisation, toxin absorption and germ reduction.

Wastewater treatment:
The wastewater produced while cleaning our plants is treated in our wastewater treatment plant before it is discharged into the municipal sewage system. The innovative treatment process uses UV oxidation and involves the reduction of foam-forming substances (surfactants), fats and oils. Therefore, it aids the improvement of ecological water quality.



In accordance with our corporate philosophy, our actions are value-­based, strategy-compliant and result-oriented. This should be a ­permanent experience for our customers, employees, fellow citizens and business partners as well as increasing the attractiveness of our company.

Securing employment and jobs:
As a medium-sized company, we act as an education company for industrial clerks, chemical laboratory assistants, media designers and dual students in the commercial sector. As part of this, we benefit from partnerships with various vocational schools. We strive for long-term and sustainable cooperation with our employees. Professional training and further education as well as measures for personal development contribute to this.

Occupational health and safety:
The health of our employees is important to us. That is why we fulfil our duty to protect the health of our employees from the dangers of being at work.

Safety of employees and fellow citizens:
For us, high quality standards are a matter of course and our top priority is to provide flawless products in our processes. We initiate internal and external safety assessments, continuously check the efficacy of the products we manufacture, and ensure their long-term marketability.

Health management:
We support our employees with our workplace health promotion and provide incentives for various check-ups and medical precautions, as well as incentives for membership in sports clubs or gyms.