We take

Our aspiration

Sustainable commitment does not only effect ecological and social innovations. Understood correctly, it enables economic progress,
innovative products and entry into new markets.
This is how we understand sustainable behaviour – be it when developing formulas, packaging or during the manufacturing process.


After use, cosmetics and cleaning agents get into the environment. We derive from this, our responsibility to dispense with microplastic and synthetic polymers wherever we can. We see this confirmed by the regular very good ratings our products receive from ÖKO-TEST consumer magazine. We place value on sustainable and renewable raw materials when developing our formulas. In our development process, we continuously look at new possibilities for more environmentally friendly ingredients and substances. This includes the use of raw materials with sustainably gained amounts of palm oil and palm kernel oil. We have already been a certified member of the RSPO initiative (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2017.


We use sustainably produced packaging such as cartons made from responsibly cultivated forests or packing materials made from PCR materials. When developing packaging we focus on reducing the use of materials, saving on plastics by using alternative materials and a package design which conserves resources.

Already during packaging design we pay great attention to the ability to recycle later by taking the recycling processes of waste management into account (“packaging design with a focus on a recycling economy”).

  • Use of mono-materials
  • Colouring of plastic packaging
  • Separability of components
  • Ensuring a functioning recycling loop


During our manufacturing process we use sustainable energy from our own natural gas thermal power station. To generate electricity we obtain climate neutral gas and use the warmth gained from electricity generation to heat with and produce hot water. Surplus electricity is fed into the city electricity network.

The quality of our manufacturing water is particularly important to us in order to ensure product quality requirements. For one thing, efficient water management ensures the perfect quality of our manufacturing water. On the other hand, the waste water accrued when cleaning our facilities is treated by filtering foaming substances, fats and oil in order to significantly improve the ecological quality of the water.


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