Customer own brands




Hagner offers full service: from the product concept to the development of a formula right through to the finished product for your shop shelf.
As an innovator. As a developer. As a manufacturer. As a reliable partner.



We inspire and support our partners, meaning you can offer innovative, top-quality private label concepts. Our services range from tried and tested formulas from our product portfolio in your brand packaging right through to complete product lines developed specifically for you. We thus define your product ranges together with you and for you, and work on developing these further.



Household detergents

  • Floor care
  • Textile cleaning
  • Liquid soaps
  • Hand-washing pastes

Special detergents

Cleaning and decalcifying solutions for all coffee preparation systems like capsule machines, fully automatic coffee machines and pad machines.


Standstill is a step back

Once developed and placed on the market for you, a product remains with us on the test bench. We would like to remind you of this, because the legal specifications regarding the ingredients can change; because the consumer requirements change; because new ingredients are discovered; because you should remain ahead of the competition.


Want a little bit more?

Our services are based on a modular structure. You only ever need to select the service that you require. At the same time, you have the assurance that you can completely rely on our services if you wish to: from design conception right through to the finished brand product.


Nothing off the shelf

If you consider it important, you decide. Choose from our existing product portfolio with a multitude of different packaging solutions and individual formulas, or let us help you to rediscover and shape the world of personal care products and household detergents.


Select the modules you require or make use of our full-service offer.
We offer the following services:

Number_1 Product concepts


Suggested actively by us or entirely per customer requirements. We create individual product designs tailored to you. You receive a unique product that fits perfectly into your product portfolio.

Or we use an idea to create a finished, ready-for-sale product. On request, our employees can carry out all development, testing and production processes.

Our trend and market analyses are an essential basis for current product developments. These insights ensure consistently successful, value-adding product ranges that are oriented to the customer’s requirements.

Number_2 Lab work & development

»Approved or individual formulas«

With Hagner, you can choose from more than 1,000 tested and approved formulas and formula components. We can also develop exclusive, individual formulas, tailored precisely to your wishes and expectations.

Our lab works continually on new formulas, while further developing existing ones. Improved ingredients, greater environmental sustainability, amended specifications, and optimised fragrances and substances are sound reasons for us to work consistently on our formulas.

All formulas correspond to the latest legal specifications and can be adapted as required to the specification criteria of leading test institutes.

Number_3 Design & marketing

»Entirely according to your specifications«

We develop individual solutions for your packaging needs. We create design briefs and instructions for use. Translations are also carried out reliably and with the utmost care.

Using our in-house design agency, on request we can take care of the complete product design and print data creation processes in accordance with international standards.

We monitor the projects and develop the entire production process directly with our suppliers and printers, or on request with a printing facility. Place your trust in our expertise in matters of printing processes and printing substrates.

Number_4 Service & support

»Everything is taken care of«

We ensure product marketability and the required markings, proofs of efficacy, safety assessments, as well as much more.

Before your product can make its way onto the shelves, various test points and legal requirements need to be observed. We work together with test institutes, have the necessary markings created and take care of the legally specified notifications for you. You receive a marketable product that satisfies every requirement.

You can rely on our IFS-HPC-, GMP- and ISO-compliant service and support in every single phase of the product cycle.

Number_5 Production

»Flexible and certified«

We produce in Freudenstadt with a high level of flexibility, using a certified production process that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our production is structured so that we can respond quickly to changes to products and quantities. A precise sales quantity schedule guarantees continuous delivery capacity. This enables your products to reach you safely and in good time.

The bottling plants for tubes, bottles, jars and canisters are designed for countless container sizes and layouts.

We ensure hygienic problem-free filling with employee training, hygiene sluices and information boards. Samples of each batch undergo the standard tests for durability, stability and cleanliness.

Number_6 Logistics

»Economic and integrated«

An intelligent supply chain management and standardised exchange of information with our trade partners ensures high speeds, top quality and reliable logistics. Specific basic technologies such as barcodes and electronic data exchange (EDI) are linked with standard logistics processes in a joint, overarching planning process.

The electronic exchange of business processes with our logistics and trade partners, free from media disruption, ensures short storage periods and punctual deliveries.

Modular packaging in accordance with the modular principle ensures the economic utilisation of the transport chain and keeps transport costs down.

We distribute worldwide and process all export and customs formalities for you.