We have high demands on our products. We meet these demands thanks to our certified quality management system and our excellent audit results.
Quality inspections alongside our entire production process guarantee high standards in hygiene and product safety for the consumer.
No compromises.

Our quality promise

Selected ingredients, innovative, tested and approved formulas and continuous checks – from receipt of the raw materials to delivery – all guarantee perfect products. The production processes are sustainable with regard to the environment and resources.





Consumer protection

Maintaining a high standard of quality is a matter of course for us. We continually assess the success of the products we manufacture and ensure their marketability in the long-term. We respond to customer queries quickly and competently on all issues regarding our products.



Our products. Top quality and sustainable.

This is what we do

In the development and manufacturing stages of our products we attempt to avoid unnecessary harm to the environment, as the cosmetics and cleaning products we make are released into the environment after use.
We therefore use biodegradable peeling agents made of materials such as bamboo. These are not released into the food chain and play their part to reduce the environmental impact. Wherever new opportunities arise for environmentally-friendly ingredients and constituents, we have these integrated into our development and manufacturing processes as often as possible. This also includes the use of sustainably produced palm oil and palm kernel oil in accordance with the RSPO initiative (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil).

Supplier portfolio

Our network of value-creating suppliers contributes considerably to our product quality. We work together with partners who meet our quality targets and support our endeavours towards greater sustainability and continuous development. We consider these an absolute necessity.