»Digital communication, personal customer care.«

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, digital revo­lution, digital transformation, the information age, computerisation: these do not only refer to the conversion of analogue values into digital formats, but the further development and process of change towards digital infrastructure and a new kind of social and entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Digitalisation supports collaboration with our business partners. Digital communication means rapid product development and efficient processes. For customers, suppliers, service providers and employees. We combine personal contact with digital possibilities as part of an appreciative and value-adding partnership.


Digital development has an impact on almost all areas of life, and it creates new consumer needs. In light of this, there are new sales opportunities with innovative »digital« product concepts, such as:

Products for flawless facial skin:
Networking via social networks and maintaining contacts play a major role in the information age. Using smartphones to design photos and share selfies is now possible any time and any place. The perfect facial care, such as Photo Finish Effect, prepares the skin perfectly for a selfie moment.

Products that protect the skin against external influences:
Due to the use of screens, smartphones and tablets, the skin is exposed to the influence of blue light. Product concepts with active ingredients for protection against blue light (Anti Blue Light, Anti Digital Aging) or for protection against further external influences and dirt (Anti Pollution) can be adapted individually to your wishes.


Digital marketing & digitalisation at the point of sale

Product design and smart packaging

Integrating intelligent communication options that go beyond the protective function of packagings and reinventing the role of product packaging

Connected packaging: use of packagings as a link between the brand and the user (and added value for the consumer)

Generation Z is the growing target group and gets informed online (less information on the packaging itself, direct link to web content)

Further product information through digital connection between packaging and smartphone
» Pull information (QR codes, DW codes, digital picture codes): content is actively accessed via smartphone
» Push information (RFID tags, NFC tags): consumers automatically receive information via smartphone


Product development

Network setup: Project management with internal and external networking

Shorter product life cycles require an increase of speed of product development

Providing data and information in real time

Structured representation of data during times of an increasing information overload

Time and cost efficiency through the digital integration of customers and suppliers in the project process

» Agency briefings
» Data exchange (texts, order confirmation, print data)
» Approval process (corrections, marketability)
» Archiving


Supply of goods

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): communi­cation without media discontinuity between the customer and supplier

Faster operational processes

Faster and safer exchange of information between business partners

Individual processes (e.g. order transmission) are comprehensibly documented and not influenced manually

Increased accuracy through automation, high customer satisfaction, reduced costs for the detection and processing of faulty documents

Automated order processing based on a defined quantity of sales plan (forecast)

Standard messages (selection):
» DESADV (with NVE)